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Pasticcini, Italian fine Pastries

Pasticcini are exquisite Italian fine pastries. In the Italian tradition, assorted pasticcini are served as a dessert, as a cake alternative or on a variety of special occasions. Essentially they are bite size pastries.

A small tray of pasticcini
A small tray of Pasticcini









My training in Italy is mainly focused on creating these little bites of heaven. Dolci will have an assortment of pasticcini available for you to try.

Small try of Pasticcini
A small try of Pasticcini

In Italy when you are invited to someones house for dinner it is customary to take a tray of assorted pasticcini to the host. It’s an amazing dessert because not only are they appealing to the eye but often one person can have a variety of 2 or 3 pasticcini (this is my favourite part!). The pastries on the tray can vary from bigné to pesche to babà, cannoncini, sfogliatelle napoletane; essentially at the pastry counter you select what you would like on your tray.

A small tray of Pasticcini
A small tray of Pasticcini

As I learn and practice these little delights at the pasticceria I will add the recipes and methods. If all else fails you can find them at our shop, Dolci.