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It’s all in the recipe

So more and more over the last year or so, as I’ve experiment, I’ve come to the realisation that success in banking is heavily influenced on the recipe you use.

Cook Book

Choux pastry took me 10 tries and many variations of recipes as I ploughed through copious amounts of eggs – eventually at pastry school I was given a good recipe and shown the method. Now I have that down to a T.

Bomboloni just out the fryer
Bomboloni just out the fryer

So  it appears to be the case with the bomboloni I tried last night. The “creatively acquired” recipe (yesterdays post by Clay) didn’t work out 100 %. They tasted good, however they were too doughy and not light and fluffy enough, also had too much lemon (another recipe fail).

Yesterday's Bombolone Attempt 1
Yesterday’s Bombolone Attempt 1

I have been looking through different recipes, and have spoken to the chef at the Pasticceria where I’ll be interning and will try again this weekend. If goes according to plan I’ll post the recipe.