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And then the rain came down…

Jackie and I awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning with the idea of continuing our registration process (we’ll blog about it when it’s finished…eventually!) and then visiting an old town, or castle, but alas, a late summer rain came down in buckets and ruined that idea.

Instead of continuing our touristic trend, Jackie decided to start the baking process at home before her internship/apprenticeship starts. So, we hopped into the silver bullet and cruised down to the local shop for supplies. Before starting the cooking process you need a recipe and supply list, seeing as how we don’t have wifi or data on our phones here, we needed to get creative. Jackie casually perused the books in a local shop, looking through the cooking section and surreptitiously taking photos of recipes that looked good. This was made particularly difficult as both the light and the shop assistant were behind her. Eventually, after some interesting body shapes, to allow enough light on the page to see, and me distracting the assistant, we got the recipes we needed. All that remained was to pretend like we didn’t find what we were looking for and head for the door.

Grocery stores, and the treasures they keep, are a weakness of mine. Between lunch, dinner and baking we spent about 100 Euros, I went a little overboard with the tasty treats we don’t get in SA (we’ll be eating at home for the next few days).

Cafe é pasticcini
Cafe é pasticcini

The item Jackie will be experimenting with today will be bombolone, which to us non-chef types, is basically a doughnut filled with either jam or Nutella, we’ll be trying both. The Picture to the left is from a cafe we visited two days ago and the pasticcini shown includes a little bombolone (closest to the cup) and a pesche.

The first step when working in someone else’s kitchen is trying to figure out were everything is… after opening EVERY cupboard and drawer, and asking a few questions, we finally found of the necessary tools to get started. The dough for bombolone needs to sit for hours before it’s cooked, so we’ll post the recipe and process with some picks in another post.